Saturday, 20 January 2007

Stillwater Woods Subdivision

About Stillwater Woods subdivision

Our family is proposing to build a small subdivision on our land bought in 1972. This woodlot will contain some twenty homes built on land zoned to accommodate family businesses within the home. Our hope is that professional people with a family centered philosophy will reside here.

The woodlot will continue to be used by the families for heat and for shade. We hope to engage the services of Don Roscoe ( to assist in sighting and construction of many of our homes. Don runs the Solar building course and is renowned across Canada for his work on ‘passive solar’ design.

It is our intention to move to a lakeshore home built by Don. This is our primary motivation for the subdivision. We estimate that Don’s designs cut back heat costs by 80% and that no cooling will be required in his designed homes. (This means heating with one cord of wood – which is the amount that is surplus from a building lot each year – sustainable.)

Our engineer and subdivision designer has been Soori from CKM Engineering. We believe that he has done a great design so that this subdivision will have minimal impact on the environment. We plan that the homes will blend into the surroundings and we will retain the forest nature of this area as much as the current rules will allow.

For some pictures around Stillwater Lake and of our garden see

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