Saturday, 20 January 2007

Trees of Stillwater Lake

Trees of Stillwater Woods
Hardwoods abrev notes
Beech Be often diseased, may recover
Grey Birch gB a smallish tree, unusual, not much value
White Birch wB Paper Birch, rare, not in inventory
Yellow Birch yB
Sugar Maple sM great maple syrup
Red Maple rM
Striped Maple stM Moose Maple, no value
Alder Al Speckled Alder, no value but fixes nitrogen
White Oak wO Ours may be Red Oak, according to trees of Canada, rare
Pin Cherry cH sparse, no value
sumac or mountain ash rare, no value - these two are different plants, I am not sure which is present here
Poplar rare, little value - this may either Trembling or Largetooth Aspen
Balsam Fir bF Christmas Trees
Red Spruce rS
Eastern Hemlock eH
Eastern White Pine wP
Larch L Tamarack, large samples have value, rot resistant
Eastern White Cedar Ce Arbor-Vitae, introduced species NB native

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