Tuesday, 26 August 2008

About Doug Frizzle

About Doug Frizzle

Doug was born on Groundhog Day in 1949. Being an armed forces brat, the family moved every five years, residing in Edmonton, and Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. His father retired to St. Margarets Bay near Halifax, Nova Scotia where Doug attended high school and St Marys University, graduating with a Diploma in Engineering and B.Sc.

He worked in construction for about five years finally becoming a Hydrographer at Bedford Institute of Oceanography. Doug participated in surveys from the Arctic, Beaufort seas, in Labrador, Newfoundland, Quebec and the Maritime provinces. He became one of the first Multidisciplinarians, skilled in Hydrography and Cartography at an international level. With the advent of electronic charting, Doug supervised the revolution to digital charting and appeared in Canadian Geographic magazine.

Doug retired in 2004, to pursue gardening, investments and catch up on some reading and research. His family is extended and being a social lot, does much entertaining. With Gail Kelly, they enjoy winter travels.

Recently six books have been researched, edited and published by Doug; original works by the explorer and inventor, A. Hyatt Verrill.


Anonymous said...

DF, You sent an inquiry to us via our website, and I have been unable to reply. I have some info from a couple of local pioneer gentlemen that may be of interest to you. Please contact us again so that we can arrange to mail it to you. Use: chieflandchamber@bellsouth.net

Carmen said...

Hello Doug, I enjoyed reading your information on The Ward Line. I am a writer and looking for information on ships that sailed between Spain and Cuba circa 1898-1930 (current specific year 1903). Would you be willing to point me in a research direction for info on the ships that may have sailed during these years? Thanks for your help and the interesting books you publish.

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As an armed forces brat, we lived in Rockcliff (Ottawa), Namao (Edmonton), Southport (Portage La Prairie), Manitoba, and Dad retired to St. Margaret's Bay, NS.
Working with the Federal Govenment for 25 years, Canadian Hydrographic Service, mostly. Now married to Gail Kelly, with two grown children, Luke and Denyse. Retired to my woodlot at Stillwater Lake, NS, on the rainy days I study the life and work of A. Hyatt Verrill 1871-1954.