Sunday, 22 March 2009

Our Next House

Don Roscoe
Don is a Nova Scotia architect, that has a reputation for his solar buildings throughout the Northeast of North America. Solar Nova Scotia is a very active society that promotes ‘green’ applications.

Solar NS typically organizes tours of solar homes in Nova Scotia a couple of times a year. These are great tours and are highly recommended.

We were required, a few years ago, to supply concept drawings of our proposed home that is to go on Lot C3, The ‘Boathouse’ lot, where our wharf, boathouse and larger garden are all found. As a result of those demands by HRM, ‘Solar Don’ prepared these two plans for that lot.

Lot C3X is very flat with a great southern exposure. The land to the east and west is also very flat with the result that the home will have ideal sun exposure.
The elevation of the slab on grade floor is possibly less than one meter above lake elevation.

CLICK on the drawings for an enlarged version.

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