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Gail Kelly, Doug Frizzle 2007 Reviewed

Frizzle Kelly 2007

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2007 started with a mild winter, we are told that with La NiƱa, we can expect colder and snowier winters from now on, so in January we got to skate a bit.

In February, Luke for the first time, performed in the East Coast Music Festival, at the 48 hours of music – so he played at 6:00 A.M. in the LiquorDome. The group was ‘good’; they were missing a lead singer (they fired him.). The crowd, at that hour consisted of drunken bar tenders (m/f) from around the city, and ourselves, mostly.

Late February, we could stand the Winter no longer. Cuba was a nice easy target and this time we went to Holguin, an area we knew was more attractive for us, not just sand, there were lots of farms and other activities. We visited private farms, wildlife preserves, and some small towns – our resort had great food, and though I don’t drink much, the beer was cold and very nourishing;-)

In March, Gail went to Ottawa for her good friend, Ria’s 80th birthday.

Luke went to Cuba for a friend’s wedding in April – I noticed from the pictures. He got lots of art work as well; he enjoys having two homes to store his stuff!

Our big pre-planned vacation was to Italy. My old school chum has been working in Italy for a while and we wanted to take advantage. Gail did an outstanding job of organizing our Italy trip, Brian and Petra were persuaded to go, and Leo and Sperry were gracious hosts. To describe the trip would take a book – Oh! we did print one, with lots of pictures.

Sperry and Leo did get home to Mahone Bay last year for a vacation. Jim, Jeannette, Brian, Petra, Gail and I had a wonderful time roaming the island. I borrowed Denyse’s submersible camera and had fun photographing the shrimp – I was trying to get the eels that are there every year but no luck.

We continued our on and off love affair with gardening. Successes with parsnips, garlic and potatoes were not overshadowed by the many disappointments of this rainy summer. I was overjoyed that the Jewelweed seeds that we had picked at Gross Morne, Newfoundland, summer 2006, grew and bloomed this year.

Denyse started working at Sackville Trenching during the year. She had completed schooling in truck driving, the year previous. She is enjoying it so much that we seldom see her now.

Janice and Gail made a pilgrimage to Gail’s family homestead in Quebec in September.

Janet and Ron Kelly along with daughter, Susan, took us touring in Cape Breton as the fall leaves showed off.

October and New York saw Gail and all her ‘theatre group’ showing off. They had a hoot that even Customs Canada could not stop!

Luke has now completed his course work in property appraisal, from UBC. He has some paper or presentation that must be accepted for full graduation. He has been busy working but now has found time for romance in his life – so now we don’t see him much either!

For about three years now, I have been boring people with stories, histories, paintings and pictures from Hyatt Verrill, (just see my website Well finally there are some ‘hard’ products from my work. The Autobiography of Verrill has been produced as a ‘draft’ and a photobook ‘Visual Verrill’ is available. I love doing this work and have a little fear that I am nearing the end of the research.

The year 2007 ended with a little down and a little up. Lambert, Gail’s brother and Ron were repairing the barn when some supports gave out, collapsing on both of them. The injuries are terrible but as we can attest, they are both making marvelous improvement.

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