Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Stillwoods Lane

Stillwoods Lane is our driveway into Lots 2 through 5, waterfront lots on Stillwater Lake.
A signed agreement was executed on 8 January 2018 to build the roadway by StoneSage Contracting. By that time Parker-Longstaff Surveys had staked out the centreline. Reg MacKinnon of Hammonds Plains was contracted to do the tree cutting.
Here are a few photos of the progress to 22 January.

 Through the 45 years we have owned the property, we have endeavored to improve the woods as possible---we don't own any extracting forwarder or atv so we  don't cut down big trees even when they should be.

2018-02-03 The rough road is now down about 250 feet. The ground is freezing since it cooled to -13C from +7C yesterday. It is to warm up again tomorrow.

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