Friday, 13 February 2009

Preamble to The Tent Dwellers

The Tent Dwellers by Albert Bigelow Payne

Kedge — A Family Connection

Back in the 1960s, our family, the Phinney family on my maternal side, owned a fishing and hunting lodge at Kedge (and Jim Charles Point), now a part of Kejimkujik National Park, located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Just recently for my birthday, my sons’ girlfriend gave me a reading copy of The Tent Dwellers by Albert Bigelow Paine, written in 1908.

As recent as 2008, there have been reprints of the book and a digital copy is for sale. I plan to add a free edition of this light hearted book.

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Anne Yarbrough and Greg Brown said...

Dear Doug, Thank you for posting The Tent Dwellers online. I am loving reading it. cheers, Anne

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