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The Secret Circle Mysteries

The Secret Circle Mysteries

Complete 10 Volumes Collection

Hammond, Arthur ( General Editor )


Most contain a map, just a part of the mystery. Located in most provinces of Canada; details of the maps are fictitious. Here is list of titles with respect to the numbers in Series:

1. The Mystery of Monster Lake by David Gammon, published 1962, illustrated by Frank Davies;

British Columbia, Chilliwack and Mount Dalgleish

2. The Riddle of the Haunted River by Lawrence Earl, illustrated by Douglas Sneyd, published 1962;

New Brunswick, Southwest Miramichi River

3. The Legend of the Devil's Lode by Robert Collins, illustrated by Douglas Sneyd, published 1962;

Alberta and BC, Mt. Findlay, Kitimoos and Turner Valley

4. The Secret Tunnel Treasure illustrated by D. Johnson, published 1962;

Quebec and Quebec City

5. The Mystery of the Muffed Man by Max Braithwaite, illustrated by J. Rosenthal, published 1962;

Fictitious community in northern Ontario or Quebec

6. The Clue of the Dead Duck by Scott Young, illustrated by Douglas Johnson, published 1962; near Peterborough, ON.

7. The Mystery of Missing Emerald by Robert Thomas Allen, illustrated by Gordon Collins, published 1963;

Ontario, Toronto

8. The Valley of the Vanishing Birds by Max Braithwaite, illustrated by Wendy Hagwood, published 1963; Alberta, just north of Edmonton.

9. The Mystery of Disappearing Dogs by Arthur Hammond, 1963, first edition

Ontario, Downtown Toronto

10. The Secret of Spaniards Rock by David Gammon, illustrated by William Wheeler, published 1963. British Columbia, Salt Spring, Galiano Island

More on this Canadian series from 1962, later. Also you may want to see the website:

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Travis said...

Actually there were 11 of these Secret Circle mysteries. The one you omitted was entitled "Rory's Wildcat" by Robert Collins 1965...(also released in paperback version with the alternate title "The Mystery at the Wildcat Well")

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