Saturday, 24 March 2012

Ƶ and ƶ

Ƶ and ƶ
The bar is standard in some European languages like Spanish.
In certain fields, like engineering, it's common to put a line thru Ƶ 's so you don't mistake them for 2's. Part #475Ƶ and Part #4752 are probably not the same part, and you don't want to mistake them.
In telephony, the letter Ƶ, is pronounced Ƶed, never zee, like cee. That is because it is important to distinguish call signs such as WKNC versus WKNƵ.
Europeans normally pronounce the letter as Ƶed as do Canadians.
It is interesting that Google search does not equate  Ƶ and Z. If you search for Zero and Ƶero, the results differ completely.

Following along on this theme, I found a great short film,


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