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Table of Content for NADM

A Table of Contents for Never a Dull Moment submitted to NMAI about 1960
NEVER A DULL MOMENT By A. Hyatt Verrill, List of Chapters
Chapter I- When I was a Boy
Chapter II- Vacationing in Maine
Chapter III- Centennial Exposition at Philadelphia
Chapter IV- Summer Vacation in Gloucester
Chapter V- Portland Character
Chapter VI- Winter Sports in New England. Ice Cutting
Chapter VII- Boyhood Memories. Hobbies and Inventions
Chapter VIII- Uncle “Wash” an Inventor
Chapter IX- Youthful Ambitions and Interests
Chapter X- Interesting Pets
Chapter XI- Bows, Arrows and Quarter-Staffs
Chapter XII- Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, and Indians
Chapter XIII- Impersonating an Indian
Chapter XIV- Dangerous Pastimes
Chapter XV- Summer Vacation at Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Chapter XVI- The Good Old School Days
Chapter XVII- Summer Camping in the White Mountains
Chapter XVIII- We Didn’t Believe in Ghosts—But
Chapter XIX- Youthful Memories
Chapter XX- A Cracked Skull and Love for Boats
Chapter XXI- To Dominica. My First Expedition
Chapter XXII- Dominican Hardships and Adventures
Chapter XXIII- Hazardous Tide Observations. Freak’s Boarding House. Fancy Shooting
Chapter XXIV- Honeymoon in Colorful Costa Rica
Chapter XXV- Costa Rican Characters
Chapter XXVI- Drawing. Taxidermy. Commercial Photography & “Autochrome” Process. Trip to Bermuda and Dominica
Chapter XXVII- 1902-1906 Mining Sulphur in Dominica. A Steward on Ship
Chapter XXVIII- I Discover the Supposedly Extinct Solendon Paradoxus
Chapter XXIX- Writing Books and Doing Ethnological Work
Chapter XXX- Great Snakes. Ethnological Work. Carlos is “Buried”
Chapter XXXI- A Voyage In The Wake Of The Buccaneers
Chapter XXXII- Exploration and Ethnological Work in Central America
Chapter XXXIII- I Visit and Study the Boorabees
Chapter XXXIV- An Expedition into Guaymi Country
Chapter XXXV- I Attend a Guaymi Ceremonial Dance and Become a Member of the Tribe
Chapter XXXVI- An Expedition into Cocle Indian Country
Chapter XXXVII- Peru and Politics
Chapter XXXVIII- An Expedition into the Interior of Peru
Chapter XXXIX- Back in Panama to Excavate the Cocle Site. Tick Poisoning.
Chapter XL- An Interesting Trip to England. I Meet Royalty. I Return to South America for Archaeological and Ethnological Work. Back to England
Chapter XLI- Search for the Golden Book of the Mayas
Chapter XLII- Galleon Salvaging Expedition to Silver Shoals
Chapter XLIII- Modelling Sea Creatures. Working with Williamson. Book Writing. Back to Silver Shoals Under Difficulties. Ruth. Suwanee River Treasure Hunt was Exciting
Chapter XLIV- My last years in Florida and Two More Trips
Chapter XLV- Coincidence was an Important Factor in My Life. Why?

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