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Lacey Amy

W(illiam) Lacey Amy, 1877-1962
Lacey Amy sihnature from travel document 1924.

Luke Allan, really, William Lacey Amy. Was a journalist and author British popular novels.

A journalist by training, he joined in that capacity, Medicine Hat Times, before becoming the editor and owner.
In addition to his professional activities, he adopts the pseudonym Luke Allan to publish many works of popular literature. He is best known for the series that takes both the Western novel and the detective novel and Blue Pete's hero, an officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police whose exploits take place in the Canadian Prairies.
Between 1930 and 1938, Luke Allan published seven whodunits located in England where Gordon Muldrew police investigation London. He also gave more than a dozen popular novels without recurring hero.

Another version of the biography states...ALLAN, Luke, pseudonym of William Lacey Amy, born 9 Jun 1877 in Sydenham, Grey Co., Ontario, Canada; died in Pinellas Co., Florida in Nov 1962. He was a journalist and author who travelled extensively in many parts of the world. He chiefly used the pen name, Luke Allan. In 1921 he began a series for which he created a half-breed ex-cattle rustler, Blue Pete, who became an undercover agent for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The last of the series was published in 1950. Blue Pete: Half-Breed, the first of the series, begins in the Cypress Hills near Medicine Hat, Alberta, with a confrontation between Constable Mahon of the Mounted Police and Blue Pete, fleeing for safety to Canada. He becomes the Mountie's friend.


Blue Pete
·                                 Blue Pete: Half Breed (1921)
·                                 The Return of Blue Pete (1922)
·                                 Blue Pete: Detective (1928)
·                                 Blue Pete (1938)
·                                 The Vengeance of Blue Pete (1939)
·                                 Blue Pete Rebel (1940)
·                                 Pete has Blue Country Debt (1942)
·                                 Blue Pete Breaks the Rules (1943)
·                                 Blue Pete: Outlaw (1944)
·                                 Blue Pete's Dilemma (1945)
·                                 Blue Pete to the Rescue (1947)
·                                 Blue Pete's Vendetta (1947)
·                                 Pinto Pete and the Blue (1948)
·                                 Blue Pete Works Alone (1948)
·                                 Blue Pete Unofficially (1949)
·                                 Blue Pete: Indian Scout (1950)
·                                 Blue Pete at Bay (1951)
·                                 Blue Pete years the Kid (1953)
·                                 Blue Pete Rides the Foothills (1953)
·                                 Blue Pete in the Badlands (1954)

Series Gordon Muldrew
·                                 The Masked Stranger(1930)
·                                 Murder at Midnight (1930)
·                                 The Jungle Crime (1931), By Luke Allan, 1 edition published in 1931 in English and held by 1 library worldwide
·                                 The Fourth Dagger (1932)  Review from The Bookman, Christmas 1932.
“The Fourth Dagger,” by Luke Allan, creator of Blue Pete. This opens with an agonised scream for help from the window of a great hotel. The tale is told by Tiger Lillie, crime reporter of a. newspaper, and if he and his friends strain our credulity a little at times, they provide a series of quick-fire adventures which will fully satisfy those who bother less about details than about thrills.
·                                 Murder at the Club (1933)
·                                 Behind the Wire Fence (1935)
·                                 Beyond the Locked Door (1938)
Other novels
·                                 The Lone Trail (1922)
·                                 The Beast (1924)
·                                 The Westerner (1924) 1 edition published in 1924 in English and held by 2 libraries worldwide
·                                 The Pace (1926)
·                                 The White Camel (1926)
·                                 The Sire (1927) by Luke Allan, 1 edition published in 1927 in English and held by 2 libraries worldwide
·                                 The End of the Trail (1931) 1 edition published in 1931 in English and held by 1 library worldwide
·                                 The Dark Spot (1932)
·                                 The Many-Coloured Thread (1932) 1 edition published in 1932 in English and held by 4 libraries worldwide
·                                 The Traitor (1933) 1 edition published in 1933 in English and held by 1 library worldwide
·                                 Five for One (1934)
·                                 Scotland Yard Takes a Holiday (1934) 1 edition published in 1934 in English and held by 5 libraries worldwide
·                                 The Black Opal (1935)
·                                 The Case of the Open Drawer (1936)
Published in French under the title The open drawer , Paris, Librairie des Champs-Élysées, 272, 1939
·                                 The Ghost Murder (1937)
·                                 The Man on the Twenty-Fourth Floor (1937) 1 edition published in 1937 in English and held by 3 libraries worldwide
·                                 The Tenderfoot (1939)

The Blue Wolf : a Tale of the Cypress Hills, by W. Lacey Amy (1913)

From Periodicals:
  • Blue Pete of the Mounted, (ss) Western Story Magazine Mar 5 1921
  • Greater Love, (ss) The Popular Magazine Apr 15 1910
  • Degrading a Generation essay
  • The Town that wasBorn Lucky. [Medicine Hat].Extracted from The Wide World Magazine, 1910
  • Interviewing Mount Robson, by Lacey Amy - with many marvelous photos, including Emperor Falls from The Wide World - The Magazine for Men, June 1915, No. 206, Vol. 35
  • unknown content from The Wide World Magazine - The Magazine for Men, September 1916 probably sword fishing in Nova Scotia
  • Railway Building in the Wilderness - III by Lacey Amy Nov. 1917 The Wide World magazine
Author(s):Keith Walden
Source:Journal of Canadian Studies. 24.2 (Summer 1989): p39.
Document Type:Article
Popular novelist William Lacey Amy (Luke Allan) began writing his series of Blue Pete novels trying to say something serious about western development. His perceptions derived from a common English-Canadian expectation of Edenic transformation as well as firsthand knowledge of life in southern Alberta. Vision and experience did not mesh. Unwilling to question his nationalist assumptions, Amy abandoned any hope of commenting on real western society and moved Blue Pete much closer to the realm of myth.

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