Friday, 19 September 2014

Kayo, Young Porcupine and Hope For Wildlife

Kayo, Young Porcupine and Hope For Wildlife
23 August 2014 - Kayo, our young dog encountered a porcupine about a week before these pictures. The result was but three quills in his lips. We had not seen the porcupine at that time or since until the dog was barking at something in the woodshed one Saturday. Gail investigated and yes, there was a porcupine there. She called 'Hope For Wildlife' an animal rescue facility—we planned and did visit them on their yearly open house the next day.
Within about two hours they had volunteers who removed this young rascal.

'Hope For Wildlife' has a Nationally televised TV show and is a recognized charity as well. Thank you so much for taking him away before Kayo met up with him again!

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