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A Source Page for W. Lacey Amy (Luke Allan)

A Source Page for W. Lacey Amy (Luke Allan)

Blue Pete Book Series (about)
Lacey Amy early biography and bibliography
Degrading a Generation (essay)
Blue Pete and Canadian Nationalism (about)
Five For One (novel)
Railway Building in the Wilderness -Part 3 (travel)
The Town That Was Born Lucky (Medicine Hat) (travel)
More about Lacey Amy (some new sources)
Lacey Amy researches (by his Family) (about)
Luke Allan not wiki (about)
Who's Who In Literature 1933 (about)
The Picture Puzzle (short story)
From the Arctic to Death (essay)
Blue Pete: a Short Story
The Floating Menace (travel)
St Johns: The Impossible Possible (travel)
The Liveyeres Labrador (travel)
Confidences of a War Correspondent (WWI)
The Life of the Bohunk (travel)
The Life and Opinions of William Lacey Amy (Claudio Murri)(about)
Grenfell from a Deck Chair (travel)
Tramping in Unfrequented Nova Scotia (travel)
Where Nature’s Gas is King (travel)
Swift: A Precocious Pioneer (travel)
With The Cod Fishermen (travel)
Canso and Hazel Hill (travel)
Edmonton Casually (travel)
Impressions of Mount Robson (travel)
Quidi Vidi (travel)
The Magdalen Islands, Part 1 (travel)
The Magdalen Islands, Part 2 (travel)
Liquor and the War (WWI)
Finding a Railroad Route O'er the Rockies
The Stalking Death - Part 1 of 9 (serialized (linked) novel)
Snaring the Bohunk (article)
Lacey Amy in Google News articles

Luke Allan at Bookstore:
The Black Opal
Five For One
Murder at Midnight
Remote Canada 100 Years Ago
The Traitor
The Stalking Death
The Case of the Open Drawer
The End of the Trail
The Man on the Twenty-Fourth Floor
The Jungle Crime
The Westerner

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