Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My New Gardening Gloves

My New Gardening Gloves
I happen to love a good pair of gardening gloves. It started over a decade ago when I first went to Costco and they had Gardena garden glove; a six pack for about $20. Those gloves, research indicates, were cotton and nitrile coating to the palm side. They were airy and light with a sensitive touch and great fit.
But often they are not available—I am always loosing just one—removing the left one to do some other task. I like a bargain, too, so some infrequent times I will pick up some pairs at Princess Auto when they go on sale.
Just lately I have not seen them anywhere. Denyse, my daughter suggested the Dollar Store. Our local version had poor fitting and feeling ones for sale at $3 a pair.
I thought to myself that this would be an easy task—order them online, the web! But I knew to be careful; a picture is not a touch!
Amazon.Ca came up in my Google search. Finding a great looking pair—nitrile and cotton—the cost saving was not there, even for 12 pair. Then I noticed 120 pair, and just double the price of 12!!! So I ordered them, cautiously. Just after I concluded, I noticed XL on the skew number. I raced to cancel that order!
After some searching I found the same skew with ‘M’. I ordered these.
They came a couple of days ago. They are perfect! I may have a few too many pairs though!!!

$57.70 total for 120 pair—net cost $0.48/pair!

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