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Verrill and Juvenile Fiction Series Books

Verrill and Juvenile Fiction Series Books

In sales, what is popular is followed by a deluge of similar themed items. So it was in 1922, before television, before popular radio, before many of the movies. In this time came Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Bobbsey Twins. All of the publishers recognized the market for Juvenile fiction. Not to be found flat footed, A. Hyatt Verrill produced his own series. Notice the dates below.

1. Boy Adventurers In The Forbidden Land, The 1922
2. Boy Adventurers In The Land Of El Dorado, The 1923
3. Boy Adventurers In the Land of the Monkey Men, The 1923
The third of four books deals with the adventure of Fred, Harry, and Dr. Woodward in and around British Guiana in search of a radium deposit. The boy explorers and Woodward are taken captive by bush negroes. On escaping they find themselves in a valley filled with scarlet-leaved vegetation and inhabited by people who amount to missing links. Black-skinned, flat-footed, broad-faced, mop-haired giants, they brachiate through the trees like monkeys and are enormously strong. The explorers achieve a demigod-like status when Woodward throws a cartridge into the fire, where it explodes. The king of the giants, however, is treacherous, and it is only by luck that the explorers survive his schemes. During his stay with the savages, Woodward teaches them how to make rude stone tools and weapons. Before this they had only blowguns. Making their escape through an underground river, they continue on their search for radium.
4. Boy Adventurers In The Unknown Land, The 1924

1. Deep Sea Hunters Adventures on a Whaler, The 1922 Appleton
2. Deep Sea Hunters in the Frozen Seas 1923 (Juvenile)
3. Deep Sea Hunters In The South Seas 1924

1 Radio Detectives The (Childrens series) 1922 (juvenile fiction)
2 Radio Detectives under the Sea, The 1922
3 Radio Detectives Southward Bound 1922
4 Radio Detectives In The Jungle, The 1922 Appleton

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