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Book Chronology for A. Hyatt Verrill

A chronological listing of the books of Alpheus Hyatt Verrill (1871-1954)
Created by Bill Gowan for the Popular Culture Association conference, April 2012.
1.  Knots, Splices and Rope Work: A Practical Treatise Giving Complete and Simple Directions for Making All the Most Useful and Ornamental Knots in Common Use. Includes chapters on splicing, pointing, seizing, serving, etc.; Adapted for the use of travellers, campers, yachtsmen, Boy Scouts, and all others having to use or handle ropes for any purpose; illustrated with 156 original cuts showing how each knot, tie or splice is formed and its appearance when complete.  Norman W. Henley Publishing Co. 1912 (revised edition, Norman W. Henley 1917)
2.  Gasolene Engines, Their Operation, Use and Care: A Comprehensive, Simple and Practical Work.  Norman W. Henley, 1912
3.  Harper’s Aircraft Book; Why Aeroplanes Fly, How to Make Models, and All About Aircraft, Little and Big.  (Harper’s Practical Books for Boys) Harper & Brothers, 1913
4.  Harper’s Book for Young Naturalists; A Guide to Collecting and Preparing Specimens, with Description of the Life, Habits and Haunts of Birds, Insects, Plants, etc.  (Harper’s Practical Books for Boys).  Harper & Brothers 1913
5.  Harper’s Wireless Book; How to Use Electricity in Telegraphing, Telephoning, and the Transmission of Power.  (Harper’s Practical Books for Boys) Harper & Brothers 1913
6.  An American Crusoe: A Record of Remarkable Adventures on a Desert Island with only a Jackknife.  Dodd, Mead & Co. 1914
7.  Cuba Past and Present.  Dodd, Mead & Co. 1914  revised edition, Dodd, Mead & Co. 1920
8.  Harper’s Book for Young Gardeners; How to Make the Best Use of a Little Land.  (Harper’s Practical Books for Boys) Harper & Brothers 1914
9.  Harper’s Gasoline Engine Book; How the Engine is Made, How to Use it at Home, in Boats and Vehicles, and Elsewhere, and to Keep it in Order.  (Harper’s Practical Books for Boys) Harper & Brothers 1914
10.  Porto Rico Past and Present and Santo Domingo of Today.  Dodd, Mead & Co. 1914.
11.  South and Central American Trade Conditions of Today; Including Mexico,  Cuba, Haiti, and Dominican Republic.  Dodd, Mead & Co. 1914,  new edition, Dodd, Mead & Co. 1919.
12.  Pets for Pleasure and Profit.  Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1915
13.  The Boys Outdoor Vacation Book; a Complete Handbook for Every Boy Fond Of Life and Recreation in the Open.  Dodd, Mead & Co. 1915
14.  The Cruise of the Cormorant.  Henry Holt 1915
15.  Uncle Abner’s Legacy.  Henry Holt 1915
16.  In Morgan’s Wake.  Henry Holt 1915
17.  The Amateur Carpenter; with over 200 Diagrams by the Author.  Dodd, Mead  1915  (reissued as The Boys Book of Carpentry,  Dodd, Mead & Co. 1922)
18.  The Boy Collector’s Handbook.  Robert M. McBride 1915
19.  Isles of Spice and Palm.  D. Appleton & Co. 1915
20.  The Ocean and its Mysteries.  Duffield & Co. 1916
21.  The Golden City: A Tale of Adventure in Unknown Guiana.  Duffield & Co. 1916
22.  The Real Story of the Whaler; Whaling, Past and Present.  D. Appleton & Co. 1916
23.  The Book of the Sailboat: How to Rig, Sail and Handle Small Boats.  D. Appleton & Co. 1916
24.  A-B-C of Automobile Driving.  Harper & Brothers 1916
25.  Marooned in the Forest: The Story of a Primitive Fight for Life.  Harper & Brothers 1916
26.  The Book of the Motor-Boat: How to Operate and Care for Motor Boats and  Motors.  D. Appleton & Co. 1916
27.  Jungle Chums: A Story of a Boy’s Adventures in British Guiana.  Henry Holt 1916
28.  The Book of the West Indies.  E. P. Dutton & Co. 1917
29.  The Book of Camping.  Alfred A. Knopf 1917
30.  How to Operate a Motor Car, with alphabetically arranged chapters devoted to car troubles, their causes and remedies.  David McKay 1918; also Street & Smith, New 20th Century Handbook #4 (wraps) 1918;
31.  The Trail of the Cloven Foot.  E. P. Dutton & Co. 1918
32.  Getting Together with Latin America.  E. P. Dutton  & Co. 1918
33.  The Trail of the White Indians.  E. P. Dutton & Co. 1920
34.  Islands and Their Mysteries.  Duffield & Co. 1920. Issued in Great Britain by Andrew Melrose Ltd.
35.  Panama Past and Present.  Dodd, Mead & Co. 1921
36. The Boys’ Book of Whalers.  Dodd, Mead & Co. 1922 (reissued 1927)
37.  Home Radio: How to Make and Use It.  Harper & Brothers 1922 (revised 1924)
38.  Radio for Amateurs: How to Use, Make and Install Wireless Telephone and Telegraph Instruments.  Dodd, Mead & Co. 1922
39.  The Deep Sea Hunters: Adventures on a Whaler.  D. Appleton & Co. 1922
40.  The Radio Detectives.  D. Appleton & Co. 1922
41.  The Radio Detectives Under the Sea.  D. Appleton & Co. 1922
42.  The Radio Detectives in the Jungle.  D. Appleton & Co. 1922
43.  The Radio Detectives Southward Bound.  D. Appleton & Co. 1922
44.  Rivers and Their Mysteries.  Duffield 1922
45.  The Boy Adventurers in the Forbidden Land.  G. P. Putnam’s Sons 1922
46.  The Boy Adventurers in the Land of El Dorado.  G. P. Putnam’s Sons 1923
47.  The Boy Adventurers in the Land of the Monkey Men.  G. P. Putnam’s Sons 1923.
48.  The Boys’ Book of Buccaneers.  Dodd, Mead & Co. 1923 (reissued 1927)
49.  The Deep Sea Hunters in the Frozen Seas.  D. Appleton & Co. 1923
50.  The Real Story of the Pirate.  D. Appleton & Co. 1923
51.  In the Wake of the Buccaneers.  Century 1923
52.  The Deep Sea Hunters in the South Seas.  D. Appleton & Co. 1924
53.  The Boy Adventurers in the Unknown Land.  G. P. Putnam’s Sons 1924
54.  Smugglers and Smuggling.  Duffield & Co. 1924
55.  Love Stories of Some Famous Pirates.  Wm. Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1924 (no U.S. edition)
56.  The American Indian: North, South and Central America.  D. Appleton & Co. 1927. Reissued by New Home Library 1943
57.  Panama of Today.  Dodd, Mead 1927. Reissued by New Home Library 1943
58.  Home Radio Up to Date: How to Make and Use It (with Eric E. Verrill).  Harper & Brothers 1927
59.  Old Civilizations in the New World.  Bobbs-Merrill 1929 (reissued as American Indian Civilizations.  Tudor Publishing Co. 1938)
60.  Thirty Years in the Jungle.  John Lane 1929
61.  Great Conquerors of South and Central America.  D. Appleton & Co. 1929
62.  Lost Treasure: True Tales of Hidden Hoards  D. Appleton & Co. 1930
63.  Gasolene-Engine Book for Boys.  Harper & Brothers 1930
64.  Under Peruvian Skies.  Hurst & Blackett 1930 (no U.S. edition)
65.  Jamaica of Today.  Dodd, Mead & Co. 1931
66.  West Indies of Today.  Dodd, Mead & Co. 1931
67.  Cuba of Today.  Dodd, Mead & Co. 1931
68.  The Inquisition.  D. Appleton & Co. 1931
69.  Secret Treasure: Hidden Riches of the British Isles.  D. Appleton & Co. 1931
70.  Barton’s Mills: A Saga of the Maine Pioneers.  D. Appleton & Co. 1932
71.  Inca’s Treasure House.  L.C. Page & Co. 1932
72.  Romantic and Historic Maine (Maine Folk Tales).  Dodd, Mead & Co. 1933
73.  Romantic and Historic Florida.  Dodd, Mead & Co. 1935
74.  Romantic and Historic Virginia.  Dodd, Mead & Co. 1935
75.  Our Indians: The Story of the Indians of the United States.  G. P. Putnam’s Sons 1935
76.  Before the Conquerors: A Modern Adventure in the Land of the Incas. Dodd, Mead & Co. 1935
77.  Along New England Shores.  G. P. Putnam’s Sons 1936
78.  The Heart of Old New England.  Dodd, Mead & Co. 1936
79.  Strange Sea Shells and Their Stories: How They are Made and Grow; How They are Colored and the Patterns Produced; Rare Shells; Shells that
Build a Raft; Shells that Bore in Rocks; Giant Shells; the Shell that Sinks Ships, etc., etc.  L.C. Page & Co. 1936  (issued in Great Britain by George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd.)
80.  They Found Gold: The Story of Successful Treasure Hunts.  G. P. Putnam’s Sons 1936
81.  My Jungle Trails: A Narrative of Adventures in the Jungles of Central and  South America, and the West Indies; of Strange Indian Tribes, and Their Curious Customs, the Flora and Fauna of the Countries, and Incidents both Exciting and Humorous. L.C. Page & Co. 1937 (issued in Great Britain by George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd.)
82.  Strange Insects and Their Stories.  L.C. Page & Co. 1937
83.  Strange Reptiles and Their Stories.  L.C. Page & Co. 1937
84.  Foods America Gave the World.  L.C. Page & Co. 1937
85.  The Treasure of Bloody Gut.  G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1937
86.  Strange Birds and Their Stories: Mysteries of Bird Life; Migrations; Nesting Habits; Birds of Beaches and Deserts; Winged Jewels; Clowns of Birddom; Valuable Birds; Bird Law Courts; Bird Communists; Flightless Birds. L.C. Page & Co. 1938 (issued in Great Britain by George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd.)
87.  Strange Fish and Their Stories: Mysteries of the Fish World; Ogres of the Deep; Living Nightmares of the Deep; Visiting the Ocean Butterflies; How Fish Sleep; the Fish Menagerie; Fish that Never Existed. L.C. Page & Co. 1938
88.  Minerals, Metals and Gems; also, All Rocks and Stones, as Well as Ores, Crystals, Sands, Clays and Earths; Something of Their Peculiarities; How They are Formed, Where They are Found, How Mined and What Uses are Made of Them.  L.C. Page & Co. 1939 (revised 1945)
89.  Strange Animals and Their Stories: Animals in Armor; the Land of Marsupials; Topsy-turvy Creatures; Behemoths of Scripture; Giants Who Took to the Sea; Camels of the Andes; the Strangest Animal of All. L.C. Page & Co. 1939 (issued in Great Britain by George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd.)
90.  Carib Gold.  Wm. Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1939, Great Britain and Australia; also reissued in Great Britain by The Children’s Press. Carib Gold is a reprint of The Treasure of Bloody Gut.
91.  Wonder Plants and Plant Wonders.  D. Appleton-Century 1939
92.  Perfumes and Spices: Including an Account of Soaps and Cosmetics.  L.C. Page 1940
93.  Wonder Creatures of the Sea.  D. Appleton-Century Co. 1940
94.  Strange Customs, Manners and Beliefs: A Remarkable Account of Curious Beliefs and Odd Superstitions, Strange Ways of Living, and Amazing Customs and Manners of Many Peoples and Tribes Around the Earth. L.C. Page & Co. 1946
95.  Strange Prehistoric Animals and Their Stories.  L.C. Page & Co. 1948
96.  The Young Collector’s Handbook: What to Collect — Where to Find It.  How to Have fun with the Exciting Hobby of Collecting.  Robert M. McBride 1948
97.  The Shell Collector’s Handbook.  G. P. Putnam’s Sons 1950
98.  The Bridge of Light.  Fantasy Press 1950
99.  The Strange Story of Our Earth: A Panorama of the Growth of our Planet as Revealed by the Sciences of  eology and Paleontology.  L.C. Page & Co. 1952
100.  America’s Ancient Civilizations (with Ruth Shaw Verrill) G. P. Putnam’s Sons 1953
101.  The Real Americans.  G. P. Putnam’s Sons 1954
102.  Strange Creatures of the Sea.  L.C. Page & Co. 1955
103.  The Savage Land.  Panther 1955. This is an Australian reprint of Barton’s Mills: A Saga of the Maine Pioneers.
104.  When the Moon Ran Wild. (written under “Ray Ainsbury” pseudonym). Published posthumously in 1962 by Consul (wraps; no U.S. print edition). However, an e-book version under Verrill'’s own name is available through www.amazon.com (Kindle edition) and www.bn.com (Nook edition). This story was originally published in the Winter 1931 edition of Amazing Stories Quarterly.
105.  The Alcyonaria of the “Blake” Expeditions.  Smithsonian Institution National Museum 2004
106.  Never a Dull Moment: The Autobiography of A. Hyatt Verrill.  Researched and edited by Doug Frizzle, 2007. http://stillwoods.blogspot.com. Print and e-book versions of this book, along with other Verrill books and collections of his stories, are available at www.lulu.com

For more on A. Hyatt Verrill’s books and magazine stories visit: http://stillwoods.blogspot.com
Additional examples of Verrill documents, including correspondence with publishers, magazine covers and other information, can be found in PDF versions at http://issuu.com/frizzled/docs
Several of Verrill’s books were published in France as part of the Payot Collection’s Bibliotheque Scientifique in the late 1930s and 1940s. Other languages in which Verrill’s work has appeared include Italian, Spanish, Spanish American and several of the former Soviet republics. Science fiction was the most popular area of his work translated into other languages. The above list is likely incomplete as to the full existence of Verrill’s books in foreign editions.
    Verrill’s father, Addison Emery Verrill (Yale University’s first professor of zoology) published many scientific treatises; he is mainly remembered for: Bermuda Islands, New Haven; published by the author, 1902 & 1907; and Zoology of the Bermudas, published by the author (1908 reprint listed in the Cumulative Book Index; the original was probably issued prior to 1900).

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