Friday, 2 October 2015

A New Heat Pump

A New Heat Pump
24 Grant Line, Stillwater Lake, NS
1 October 2015

For probably five years we have been looking at getting a heat pump for our home. We even got a quote about five years ago—the quote was for $5750 for a single 12,000 btu system.
This year we decided to complete the process, a little late in the season, but at least completed.
About our home - We live on a 200 acre 'woodlot'. Our home is just less than 2000 sq ft, designed as open concept so that heat circulates well between the two levels. We enjoy heating with wood and supply is endless. We only use wood heat when we are home; backup, when we are away is electric baseboard. We live in the Maritimes where humidity, in the summer, is high, and with global climate change the summer temperatures are rising beyond comfort levels.
So our plan is to use the heat pump primarily for dehumidification and cooling throughout.

Quotes - We eventually got three quotes from three recommended installers:
G-Force was recommended by Hammonds Plains Service Centre. They quoted on a single system in the master bedroom of 12,000 btu, Mitsubishi, $4888 taxes inc.
Modern Mechanical was recommended by Milt Larsen, they quoted on a double ductless installation; Daikin 24,000 btu, $7935, taxes incl. Modern Mechanical proposed to have Target core drill the hole through the foundation; this was probably the best proposal regarding the hole in the cement. They also highly recommended not having a separate pump for the dehumidifier.
Costco and Shines Energy. Costco always seems to have excellent product and warranty. This was our last quote but it also ended up that we knew Dan MacKay from our 'solar home tours'. We've been interested in SolarNS for many years, even completing a solar builders course years ago. Dan had the advantage of going last. The quote was for a dual ductless system of 18,000 btu, Lennox at $5949, all in with rebate. I did not recall meeting Dan before, but Gail did and liked him very much from the SolarNS socials. Dan answered all the questions and added that Lennox has a Burnside warehouse so all parts are immediately available, installation now, and full Costco warrantee.

Installation - We discussed the quotes after the bids were all in and went with Dan's. Installation was started just days afterwards, and completed within the day. The biggest difficulties were ram-drilling a hole through the foundation, and, still not resolved, a new twenty ampere circuit breaker for our old ITE panel.
After all is said and done, I do recommend all of the three companies that we did get quotes from. They all listened to my 'not primarily for heating' statement, and quoted fair prices.

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