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From Crisis of Conscience by Amy Shaw 2009

1  Author: Amy, W. Lacey 
Article: A British Eskimo
Journal information:
 Them Days, Summer 1997, Vol. 22(4), pp. 18, 19. 
19212  Author: Amy, W. Lacey 
Article: A British Eskimo
Journal information:
 Veteran Magazine, September 1921, Vol. 1(3), p. 63. 
19183  Author: Amy, W. Lacey 
Article: Eskimo patriot [re J. Shiwak; covers 1911- 1918]
Journal information:
 Canadian Magazine, 1918, Vol. 51(3), pp. 212-218. 
19184  Author: Amy, Lacey 
Article: The Empire's only Eskimo [re J. Shiwak]
Journal information:
 Wide World Magazine, June 1918, Vol. 2, pp. 176-182 
19165  Author: Amy, W. Lacey 
Article: Labrador, home of the iceberg
Journal information:
 Travel. N.Y., May 1916, pp. 24-27, 52, 54. 
19156  Author: Amy, W. Lacey 
Article: With the cod fishermen
Journal information:
 Canadian Magazine, May 1915, Vol. 45, pp. 39-46. 
19147  Author: Amy, W. Lacey 
Article: Icebergs
Journal information:
 Wide World Magazine, October - March 1914-1915, Vol. 34, pp. 333-341. 
19128  Author: Amy, W. Lacey 
Article: The Liveyeres: Labrador's permanent population
Journal information:
 Canadian Magazine, March 1912, Vol. 38, pp. 455-461. 
19129  Author: Amy, W. Lacey 
Article: The floating menace: The icebergs of Labrador
Journal information:
 Canadian Magazine, April 1912, Vol. 38, pp. 513-519. 
191210  Author: Amy, W. Lacey 
Article: Grenfell from a deck chair
Journal information:
 Canadian Magazine, July 1912, Vol. 39, pp. 231-237. 
191211  Author: Amy, W. Lacey 
Article: Amphibious suburb of St. John's [Battery]
Journal information:
 Collier's, January 20, 1912, Vol. 48, p. 22. 
191212  Author: Amy, W. Lacey 
Article: St. John's: The impossible possible [re 'verticality' of St. John's]
Journal information:
 Canadian Magazine, February 1912, Vol. 38, pp. 373-378. 
191213  Author: Amy, W. Lacey 
Article: Fellow- passengers in Labrador
Journal information:
 Saturday Night, March 30, 1912, Vol. 25(25), p. 29. 
191214  Author: Amy, W. Lacey 
Article: Climbing a mountain in Labrador [at Ailik]
Journal information:
 Saturday Night, June 1, 1912, Vol. 25(34), pp. 4-5. 
191115  Author: Amy, W. Lacey 
Article: Quidi Vidi; Newfoundland's show fishing vilage
Journal information:
 Canadian Magazine, January 1911, Vol. 38(3), pp. 215-221. 

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1918
Page 8

The Man on the Twenty-Fourth Floor
Two bands of criminals gradually eliminate each other, but one band shows much greater ingenuity at the task than the other.

THE ARTS & LETTERS CLUB OF TORONTO NEWS & VIEWS OF CLUB PROGRAMMES & ACTIVITIES OF THE ARTS & LETTERS CLUB OF TORONTO * THE ARTS & LETTERS CLUE UPDATE ON THE PAST Since the Club was formed in 1908 it has always attracted men--and now women--with outstanding skills and abilities in all of the arts disciplines. But because 79 years is a long time, many of us don't know about former members and their accomplishments. So, here's the first in a series about members from the past, this one prepared by David Skene-Melvin: Born at Sydenham, Ontario, Lacey Amy (he eschewed the use of his first name), was a member of the Club (with some slight interruptions), from 1912 until his death in 1962. He was a writer of popular fiction and a syndicated columnist. Amy published 44 detective novels. The first, The blue wolf, appeared in England under his own name in 1913. Following a hiatus during which he was a war correspondent with the Canadian Army in the First World War, he began writing under the pseudonym of 'Luke Allan' in 1921. It was followed by 43 more tales until Blue Pete in the Badlands in 1954. As 'Luke Allan', Amy created two series characters: Gordon Mulhew, and the more famous 'Blue Pete', a reformed cattle rustler who worked as an agent for Canada's North West Mounted Police. 'Blue Pete' made his debut in Blue Pete: half-breed in 1921 and continued thrilling readers in 19 more stories. All of the Luke Allan novels were published in England. They have, however, been imported into Canada. Notwithstanding his current obscurity in the English-language world today, the 'Luke Allan' novels, especially the 'Blue Pete' saga, in translation, are immensely popular in Italy where they are still in print. As 'Luke Allan', Amy made a significant contribution to Canadian popular culture and a Ph.D. thesis in Canadian history has been written at Trent University on the popular image of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Canada, featuring the 'Blue Pete' series. Unfortunately, the Club Library has no examples of Amy's 'Luke Allan' work. Should any member have any thrillers by 'Luke Allan', or should any member visiting Britain in the future and browsing in a second-hand bookshop come across any 'Luke Allan' titles, the Club Library will be most appreciative of a donation.
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Maclean’s [October 15, 1932] (10¢, 58pp, 11" x 14", cover by W. V. Chamber)
Information from EBAY auction.

Maclean’s [November 1, 1932] (10¢, 58pp, 11" x 14", cover by C. C. Beall)
Information from EBAY auction.

Maclean’s [December 1, 1932] (10¢, 56pp, 11" x 14", cover by Russell Sambrook)
Information from EBAY auction.

AMY, Lacey (fLuke Allan tor Western Canada stories only). Journalist. Au. of The
Blue Wolf (Hodder & S.); Blue Pete; Half-Breed (Jenkins); The Lone Trail (do.);
The Beast (Cape); The White Camel (Jarrolds), 1926; The Pace (Hutchmson), 1926;
The Sire (do.), 1927; Blue Pete; Detective (Jenkins), 1928; Murder at Midnight
(Arrowsmith), 1930; The Masked Stranger (do.), 1930; The Jungle Crime (do.), 1931 ;
The End of the Trail (do.), 1931; The Dark Spot (do.), 1932; The Fourth Dagger
(do.), 1932; The Many-Coloured Thread (Jenkins), 1932; Three years Ed. and Prop,
of Medicine Hat Times (Alberta); C. many Eng., Amer. and Canadian mags, c/o
subtitle with Amy article may read (part) 4 Liquor and the War.

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