Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Honest Buccaneer

The Honest Buccaneer


From Adventure magazine (Vol 124) January 1951.
Digitized April 2010 by Doug Frizzle.

Oh, the British be for England,
The Dons, they be for Spain;
But I be for the Indies, lads,
An' fields o' sugar cane
What goes to make the good old rum
To drown all care an' pain.

Oh, some be for a life o' peace
Wi' never danger near;
But I be for the rovin' life
Of honest Buccaneer,
A-fightin' o' the bloomin' Sons
An' never knowin' fear.

Oh, some be for the mountains
An' some be for the dales;
But I be for a tidy ship
Wi' guns along her rails
An' a handy crew o' likely lads
For hoistin' of her sails.

Oh, some be for a uniform
An' some be for a gown;
But I be for the Spanish Main
A-cruisin' up an' down
An' scuttlin' o' treasure ships
An' sackin' many a town.

Oh, some be for the pistol
An' some be for the gun;
But I be for the cutlass
A-flashin' in the sun
When there's prizes to be taken
An' fight in' to be done.

Oh, some be for the red wine
An' some be for the beer;
But I be for the good old rum
What warms yer soul wi' cheer
Aye, rum's the proper tipple, lads
For every Buccaneer.

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