Monday, 19 April 2010

The Young Collector's Handbook dust jacket


$2.75 - 1948

What To Collect-Where To Find It
How To Have Fun With The Exciting Hobby Of Collecting

As a satisfying pastime that provides a perpetual fund of enjoyment for young people, nothing exceeds the hobby of collecting. There are hundreds of things to collect, each one supplying the excitement of discovery and the satisfaction of possession. To aid the young collector in finding the articles that will most appeal to his tastes and yield him the most fun, this practical guide to collecting will be invaluable. It suggests what to collect, where to find it, and how best to preserve and display for himself and his friends the articles and specimens after they have been acquired.
Exploring caves in search of valuable stones for a mineral collection, wandering along the shore in search of rare shells and marine life, photographing animals and birds in woodland trails, assembling autographs of famous men and women and a hundred other exciting choices in the realm of rocks, fossils, plants, insects, Indian arrowheads, stamps, coins, post cards, historic prints, finger prints, shoulder patches, insignia,— all suggest what is available to enterprising youth. This book is a treasury of information on all these subjects with detailed and practical advice on every page. Illustrated.

ROBERT M. McBRIDE & COMPANY 200 East 37th Street New York 16

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